Business Intelligence through PCT's primeVIEW v5 Digital Dashboard/Data Mining Tool

No more piles of files and delayed reports - get information in real time!
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business intelligence for long term careLearn how BI can help you stay on top!

Prime Care Technologies presents primeVIEW, an on-demand, enterprise-wide, and in-depth Executive Information System. PrimeVIEW displays vital, accurate, and actionable information in real time. Because it seamlessly integrates data from your existing clinical, financial, and labor data sources, your primeVIEW digital dashboard automatically presents interactive and useful graphs, tables, and reports.

At the click of a button, you will readily view critical key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive your business. You can conveniently analyze and act on census levels/admissions; labor hours/costs; inpatient/outpatient receivables and collections; reimbursement rate analytics; financial/RUG focus reports; and much more.

It's easy to access, accurate, and actionable.

Here are some of the Key Performance Indicators included in primeVIEW:

  • View actual census/admissions/discharges by payer type with budget information, trending for budgeting and forecasting, locations discharged to, lengths of stay, and separate admission and readmission information.
  • Scrutinize staffing hours and costs by job type and location with Week-to-Date, MTD, QTD, or YTD data and charts. Our latest version lets you compare the updated labor budget based on actual census to the original labor budget based on budgeted census. You can also monitor overtime hours with the ability to fill shifts with staff not in an overtime status.
  • Analyze MTD, QTD, and YTD receivables and collections - inpatient/outpatient - by payer from the corporate to the facility level, including monthly AR Days Sales Outstanding and AR Aging. View consolidated cash information by payer to easily monitor compliance with targeted collection dates. Observe and monitor a 12-month cash trending by payer and/or by date. The facility-specific daily cash collection KPI allows reconciliation with bank statements. Identify high-dollar outstanding accounts by resident and payer. Month-end and Interim aging information gives you vital net, debit-only, and credit-only information.
  • Additional Reports - 671, detailed discharge report, and reports for upload to AHCA's LTC Trend Tracker.

Along with these powerful KPIs and reports, tell us what you want to add for review and we'll set it up. If the data exists, we can create the data pumps to display these KPIs for you.

Data Presentation - You have the power to drill down from a corporate, division, region, a facility or department perspective in a variety of alpha-numeric and graphic formats with date ranges determined by you. You can get to the source of the problem, view the information, and take action.

Timing of data retrieval - primeVIEW is refreshed from your data source as frequently as you want, even several times during the day. The system loads data to your data warehouse and automatically updates the reports and screen views.

Updated data retrieval  - primeVIEW gives you the flexibility to look back over a specified number of days, weeks, or months to recapture data elements that may have been corrected since the last retrieval.

Data Thresholds/Alerts - Along with built-in thresholds, you can set KPI requirements and tolerance limits. Deviations from these benchmarks can set off high-level "alerts" from which you can drill down for more detail-from corporate to facility to the individual employee or resident.

Data Export - You can even download specific data views into Excel files for further analysis and distribution or save reports in a pdf format.