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Announcing the latest news and updates from PCT

primeVIEW - Business Intelligence and Data Mining for LTC

PCT announces the latest in real-time data mining tools, primeVIEW, its next generation in business intelligence tools for long term care. Building on the tremendous success of its current Executive Information System (EIS) offering, PCT has added additional functionality, security, reports, and report-generating tools, making this the most powerful, configurable, easy-to-use, and affordable digital dashboard available to LTC executives. Employing the latest in data mining technologies, primeVIEW seamlessly integrates data from a customer’s existing clinical, financial, and labor data sources, and presents interactive and useful information without the need to change applications.  

Using enhanced navigation tools and other incredibly useful features, executives can readily view their critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from a desktop, laptop, or the latest in mobile technologies, even the iPad. They can conveniently scan, analyze, and act on census levels/admissions; labor hours/costs; receivables and collections; claims; reimbursement rate analytics; procurement and spend management reports; an MDS submission analyzer; corporate, region, and facility survey outcome risk reports and alerts; resident risk reports and analytics; financial/RUG focus reports; QM/QI reports; a comprehensive federal and state regulatory resource library; procurement; and much more. With primeVIEW, LTC executives can keep their fingers on the pulse of their operations in real time.