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HIPAA Compliance Solution

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

Our partnership with HIPAA One offers you access to the leading cloud-based risk analysis assessment across all areas of compliance — security, privacy, human resources, picture archival and communications systems (PACS) and more. 

Changes driven by The HITECH Act require all Covered Entities and Business Associates to be HIPAA compliant. Enforcement has increased significantly to include:

  • Mandatory Audits
  • Business Associates Must Comply With New Laws
  • Subcontractors Must Comply With New Laws
  • Non-compliance Fines Are Being Enforced
  • Stiffer Penalties
  • Jurisdiction Provided To State Attorneys General To File Civil Actions Against Violators

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About HIPAA One

HIPAA One was formed with the vision of helping the healthcare community improve patient care, increase revenue and reduce costs by developing solutions that are simple, automated and affordable. We understand your fears of being unprepared for an OCR investigation resulting in time-consuming responses, heavy fines and embarrassing public disclosure.

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