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Providers Discover Hidden Treasures through Data Mining

By Rand Johnson on Wed, Oct 03, 2012 @ 07:00 AM

Data mining represents wealth, a wealth of opportunity, action, and success. Directly put, data mining (the process of centralized data management and retrieval) helps LTC providers find hidden treasures of knowledge, not just data. Just as rare gems or precious minerals are only valuable when processed from the ore that is unearthed, so too is knowledge when refined from countless bytes of data. Refined data transformed into information becomes knowledge and knowledge – the power to act. Data mining, therefore, helps executives discover what is happening now, track trends, anticipate with some accuracy what may happen in the future, and explore the strengths of possible actions.


Topics: business intelligence, Data Mining, real-time reporting, BI

How to leverage cloud computing providers

By Rand Johnson on Fri, Jun 01, 2012 @ 08:00 AM

You’re about to make a major decision regarding clinical and financial software, recognizing the need to move into the next generation of applications. With competitive pressures, new reimbursement opportunities and restrictions, electronic medical records, health data and information interoperability, and quality care accountability, your team recognized that the status quo will not suffice. However, with a new clinical software application decision also comes the need to reexamine your IT infrastructure. To ignore that consideration, you run the risk of putting “new wine into (an) old (bottle)” and “the new wine doth burst the (bottle).” Cloud computing is the "new bottle of IT and continues to grow as a viable option that is cost effective and offers agility of service. It is scalable and helps you to focus on what you do best - operate your business. (Read our previous blog, How the Cloud can help you meet today’s opportunities more rapidly, for more details.) With virtualization leading the way, cloud computing affords businesses an entirely new IT paradigm. Assuming, cloud computing is your infrastructure of choice, how do busy executives, like you, best leverage cloud computing providers?


Topics: business intelligence, real-time reporting, cloud computing provider

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